Thursday, January 1, 2015


As a heartfelt gesture of appreciation to my fellow bookworms, I have created this post to include the names of those of the "Mystery" authors recommended by them that I am unable, at this time, to add to either My Favourite "Mystery" Authors List or My Liked "Mystery" Authors List, mainly because I haven't read their books as yet ...though I am looking forward to doing so ☺

Moreover, "Mystery" authors are also most welcome to recommend and to provide information about their own books or series, through their comments here. Thanks! ☺


1) Nancy Atherton
  • Aunt Dimity Mystery Series

2) Susan Wittig Albert -
  • China Bayles Mystery Series

3) Tessa Arlen
  • Lady Montford Mystery Series

4) Victoria Abbott
  • Book Collector Mystery Series


5) Dan Brown

6) Emily Brightwell
  • Mrs. Jeffries Mystery Series

7) Jacklyn Brady
  • A Piece Of Cake Mystery Series

8) Jessica Beck
  • Donut Shop Mystery Series

9) Joyce Ann Brown
  • Psycho Cat And The Landlady Mystery Series

10) Rhys Bowen
  • Molly Murphy Mystery Series
  • Her Royal Spyness Mystery Series

11) Susan Bernhardt
  • Kay Driscoll Mystery Series


12) Amanda Cooper
  • A Teapot Collector Mystery Series 

13) Blaize Clement & John Clement
  • Dixie Hemingway Mystery Series

14) Evelyn Cullet

15) Kate Carlisle 
  • Bibliophile Mystery Series
  • A Fixer Upper Mystery Series

16) Tom Clancy


17) Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Sherlock Holmes Mystery Books

18) Diana Mott Davidson
  • A Goldy Bear Mystery Series

19) Mary Daheim
  • Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery Series


20) Aaron Elkins
  • Gideon Oliver (The Skeleton Detective) Mystery Series

21) Aaron Elkins & Charlotte Elkins
  • Lee Ofsted Mystery Series


22) Earlene Fowler
  • Benni Harper Mystery Series

23) Joanne Fluke
  • Hannah Swensen Mystery Series

24) Monica Ferris
  • Needlecraft Mystery Series


25) Anne George
  • Southern Sisters Mystery Series

26) Elizabeth George
  • Inspector Lynley Mystery Series


27) Betty Hechtman
  • Crochet Mystery Series
  • Yarn Retreat Mystery Series

28) Joan Hess
  • Claire Malloy Mystery Series

29) Victoria Hamilton
  • A Merry Muffin Mystery Series


30)  Linda O. Johnston
  • A Bakery And Biscuits Mystery Series


31) Catherine Lloyd
  • Kurland St. Mary Mystery Series


32)  Leslie Meier
  • Lucy Stone Mystery Series

33) Robert & Darrin McGraw


34) Susan Oleksiw
  • Mellingham Mystery Series
  • Anita Ray Mystery Series


35) Carol J. Perry
  • Witch City Mystery Series

36) Elizabeth Peters
  • Amelia Peabody Mystery Series

37) Joyce Porter
  • Inspector Dover Mystery Series

38) Katherine Hall Page
  • Faith Fairchild Mystery Series


39) Barbara Ross
  • A Maine Clambake Mystery Series 

40) Denise Rodgers
  • Jeweltown Murder Mystery Series


41) Josephine Tey
  • Inspector Alan Grant Mystery Series


42) Elizabeth Varadan


43) Valerie Wolzien 
  • A Susan Henshaw Mystery Series

44) Wendy Lyn Watson
  • A Mystery A La Mode Series


  1. What about Dan Brown, Tom Clancy...

    1. Well, I haven't read either of these authors, but will definitely check them out at the first opportunity. 

      For now, I am adding them to the list of "MYSTERY AUTHORS RECOMMENDED BY THE READERS OF THIS BLOG". 

      Anyway, thanks a lot for your recommendations, and if you think of any others then please do mention them as well...!

  2. Josephine Tey is great! And if you like the old-school mysteries, I recommend Ngiao Marsh.

    I will also take this opportunity to recommend my own mystery, Death By Ice Cream, the first mystery about the Pismawallops PTA, set on a highly fictional island in Puget Sound...mystery with a dose of humor.

    Thanks for setting up this great site!

    1. Hi Rebecca, 

      I am very happy and honoured that you commented here...! :-)

      Thanks for appreciating my blog, and for your recommendations... and you might be glad to know that NGAIO MARSH is already included among MY FAVOURITE "MYSTERY" AUTHORS list...!

      I checked out your book "Death By Ice Cream" on the internet and must say that the story plot and description seem very interesting and appealing to me... So much so that I have added it in my notebook where I list down the names of 'books-to-read'... and will definitely be reading it at the first opportunity...!

      Ramla Zareen

    2. Hi Rebecca,

      It might interest you to know that I just read your book "Death By Ice Cream", and found the entire reading experience to be enjoyable enough to immediately add you among my LIKED "MYSTERY" AUTHORS...! :-)

      Ramla Zareen

  3. Ice Cream! Yummy! My favorite dessert. A book with a title like " Death by Ice Cream" is a must read for me. Wow, Ramla so many authors commenting on your blog. Keep up the good work. Your blog is an interesting reading.

    1. Thanks...!

      It's definitely a pleasure and an honour for me whenever an author comment on my blog :-)

      In any case, I am glad that you are enjoying my blog...!

      And yes, I also found the title "Death By Ice Cream" very appealing...! :-) Moreover, even though I haven't read the book as yet, but from the story description and the reviews etc I feel sure that it should be a delightful read...!

  4. I have certainly enjoyed Josephine Tey mysteries. Also Rhys Bowen's Molly Murphy series. And the classic Conan Doyle mysteries starring Sherlock Holmes. I've also written a middle grade mystery set in Victorian England with Sherlock Holmes - Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls. It will be published June 15 by MX Publishing.

    1. Hi,

      It's a pleasure and an honour to have you comment on my blog :-)

      Thanks for your recommendations. Will be sure to add them in the list of "MYSTERY" AUTHORS RECOMMENDED BY THE READERS OF THIS BLOG.

      Also looking forward to reading your own book when it's published...! :-)

      Ramla Zareen

  5. Ramla - Lovely to meet you on Goodreads. My debut cozy, Thanks for inviting me to stop by!

    The Deep End, was released on Tuesday. It is the first in the Country Club Murders series.

    Swimming into the lifeless body of her husband’s mistress tends to ruin a woman’s day, but becoming a murder suspect can ruin her whole life.

    It’s 1974 and Ellison Russell’s life revolves around her daughter and her art. She’s long since stopped caring about her cheating husband, Henry, and the women with whom he entertains himself. That is, until she becomes a suspect in Madeline Harper’s death. The murder forces Ellison to confront her husband’s proclivities and his crimes—kinky sex, petty cruelties and blackmail.

    As the body count approaches par on the seventh hole, Ellison knows she has to catch a killer. But with an interfering mother, an adoring father, a teenage daughter, and a cadre of well-meaning friends demanding her attention, can Ellison find the killer before he finds her?

    1. Hi Julie,

      It's a pleasure and an honour to have you comment here...! :-)

      Thanks for telling about your book...! It seems really interesting and I am looking forward to reading it soon :-)

      Ramla Zareen

    2. Hi Julie, 

      It might interest you to know that I just read your book "The Deep End", and found the entire reading experience to be enjoyable enough to immediately add you among my LIKED "MYSTERY" AUTHORS...! :-)

      Ramla Zareen

  6. Thank you, Ramla for inviting me to post about my mysteries on your lovely website. It was great meeting you on Goodreads.

    Hello, I am the author of the Kay Driscoll Mystery series. Below is a blurb of my cozy mysteries. All can be found on Amazon. This weekend I received a contract from my publisher for Murder by Fireworks (A Kay Driscoll Mystery Book 3.)

    The Ginseng Conspiracy (A Kay Driscoll Mystery Book 1) - On her way to attend a Halloween Ball, Kay Driscoll, a newcomer to town, witnesses the murder of a local professor. When the official coroner's report rules the cause of death to be accidental and the community accepts the judgement, Kay decides to uncover the truth for herself. Through her personal investigations, Kay exposes a complex conspiracy, woven deep within the thriving local ginseng industry, that involves some of the more prominent figures and families of Sudbury Falls.

    With her new friends, the free-spirited herbalist Deirdre and the untamed modern woman Elizabeth, Kay discusses new clues over tea and pastries at Sweet Marissa's Patisserie, their crime-fighting headquarters. As Kay gets closer to the heart of the conspiracy, additional murders happen in quick succession. Before long, Kay learns that the villains are gunning for her, too. Phil, her musically talented but preoccupied husband, determined to keep her safe, withholds from her the one thing she needs most: the truth.

    Murder Under the Tree (A Kay Driscoll Mystery Book 2) - While Kay attends a Christmas tea at Hawthorne Hills Retirement Home, a beloved caretaker dies from an allergic reaction to peanuts. When the official coroner's report rules the cause of death to be accidental, a small group of residents suspect foul play and call upon Kay to investigate.

    Kay uncovers sinister plots of fraud, revenge, and corruption at the Home. During this season of peace on earth, good will to men, additional murders occur. Despite multiple attempts on her life, and with the support once again of her best friends, Elizabeth and Deirdre, Kay continues her quest for bringing justice for the victims. Kay's first Christmas in Sudbury Falls is an unforgettable one, with equal amounts of celebration and danger. 'Tis the season to be sleuthing!

    My website is: www.susanbernhardt.com
    I absolutely love Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/skbernha/
    Twitter: @SusanBernhardt1
    Author FB page:https://www.facebook.com/TheGinsengConspiracyBySusanKBernhardt

    Thank you,

  7. Ramla, by the way, The Ginseng Conspiracy and Murder Under the Tree are listed on Cozy Mysteries Unlimited and Cozy-Mystery.com. I noticed you mentioned these websites as your favorite cozy sites. :)

    Susan Bernhardt

  8. Hi Susan,

    It's a pleasure and an honour to have you comment here :-)

    Thanks for appreciating my blog ...and for sharing information about your books...! From the plot description, they seem very appealing to me. Moreover, I have been hearing good things about them by other readers as well. Hence, I am very much looking forward to reading them soon :-)

    And I am very glad that your books are included in two of my favourite websites for cozy mysteries. I love them both as they have been responsible for introducing me to wonderful mystery series, some of which are now among my favourites...! 

    Just like I love Goodreads, for enabling me to discover more new and delightful books ...as well as for giving me an opportunity to make lovely friends who share my hobby ... and to interact with wonderful authors ...such as you...! :-)

    Ramla Zareen

    1. Thank you, Ramla Zareen. You are very kind!

      All the best,

  9. Hello, Ramla, you have set up a very nice, comprehensive website. I also enjoy cozy or traditional mysteries, and write two series, one set in New England (the Mellingham series with Chief of Police Joe Silva) and the Anita Ray series, set in India (featuring Indian-American photographer Anita Ray).

    I'm an eclectic reader, and right now I've been reading a lot of nonfiction. Goodreads helps me keep up with reviews as well as find other books of interest.

    Good luck with your site and thank you for including my work.

    1. Hi,

      It's a pleasure and an honour to have you visit and comment here :-)

      Thanks for appreciating my blog ...and sharing information about your books...!

      Both the series seem very interesting ...and and I am looking forward to reading them soon :-)

      Ramla Zareen

  10. Hello Ramia I visited this website for the first time today. I appreciate the insight and courtesy displayed here. I'm the author of the Witch City Mystery series from Kensington. The first one, Caught Dead Handed is available in bookstores and online, the second one, Tails, You Lose will be out on March 31, and the third, Look Both Ways will appear next October. Perhaps you or your cozy reader friends will enjoy them. Each story takes place in Salem Massachusetts, the Witch City!
    Carol J. Perry

    1. Hi,

      It's a pleasure and an honour to have you visit and comment here :-)

      Thanks for appreciating my blog ...and sharing information about your books...!

      They seem really interesting ...and and I am looking forward to reading them soon :-)

      Ramla Zareen

  11. Titles of new books are coming here faster then I can read them! Really good information here. Need to buy more chocolates to go with the books now!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean :-) Even my TBR list is growing by leaps and bounds, which of course, is making me very happy...! In any case, I am both grateful and honoured that so many wonderful authors are sharing information about their books here :-) Well, happy reading...! :-)

  12. Wow, there are a bunch of great-looking books being mentioned here. Just what I need...more fodder for my TBR pile! :)

    A couple more have come to mind I wanted to share. First, I love Rhys Bowen, and see that Ramla has mentioned the Molly Murphy series. My favorite is the "Royal Spyness" series.

    Second, the golf mystery made me remember Aaron Elkins. His "Skeleton Detective" books are fantastic, but he also has written 3 or 4 with his wife, about a pro female golfer. Since I don't play golf and am not particularly interested in the sport, you wouldn't think I'd like them, but they are fantastic! Set on golf courses around the country...with a nicely balanced romance and mixed professional success--nothing unbelievable.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      It's always a pleasure and an honour to have you comment on my blog :-)

      Thanks for re-visiting ...and recommending more wonderful authors and their books...!

      I will add them here ...as well as in my personal TBR list :-)

      Ramla Zareen

  13. Hi, Ramla. Thank you so much for inviting us to tell your readers about our latest novel, "Animal Future."
    In this funny, quirky, action-filled thriller, a female cop, a well-dressed chimpanzee, and a wise-cracking spy are on the run from shadowy assassins armed with machine guns, drones, missiles, and two-inch fangs.

    Since the mysterious Elevation of animal intelligence, San Diego has been flooded with immigrant animals and society has changed. Officer Autumn Winn wants to leave the Tactical Assault squad and become an expert on her Vietnamese heritage. But first she has to prove she’s not guilty of murdering her partner. To do that, she has to rescue the kidnapped wife of the chimpanzee tailor, Mr. Brian.

    In the process she is forced to cooperate with Mack Davis, a good-looking but smart-mouthed operative who is trying to stay alive long enough to retrieve his digital wristband with its vital data, and also to discover the secret of a jade figurine from Singapore.

    As they race to find Brian's wife, the trio must navigate a colorful landscape of characters including comical ferrets; a wealthy human socialite; a chimpanzee paramilitary commander; and Urizen, the deranged king of underground intelligence in Southern California.
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    --There's action, drama, secrets, mystery and adventure. ... parts that made me laugh and others made me think.... I couldn't put it down. http://melsshelves.blogspot.com/2015/02/book-review-animal-future-by-robert-and.html

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    1. Hi,

      It's a pleasure and an honour to have you comment here :-)

      Thanks for sharing information about your book ...it seems very interesting and I am looking forward to reading it soon...!

      Ramla Zareen

  14. Thanks, I found the post. You must be a busy lady---posting all these on your BLOG !
    Wondering ... is the link "Robert and Darrin McGraw under AUTHORS in the column on the right hand side of this page, supposed to be "hot"?? so that I can click on their names and the Blogger tech will move me to this specific blog post? Also, I would love to email you a PHOTO of the authors. How do I do that?

    1. Well Nanci, I have linked the name "Robert & Darrin McGraw (No. 1)" to this particular post. So when you click on it, you automatically come here. Just like I have linked the name "Robert & Darrin McGraw (No. 2)" to the post where they posted their second comment.

      I have done this with the name of every author who has commented on this blog. So that if anyone is interested in reading the comments by some particular author, then they can directly go to the relevant posts.

      Unfortunately, I really don't think there is any way you can email me the photo of the authors. However, if they have a profile on some website, such as Goodreads, then you can give that link through your comment here. And that way, if anyone is interested, then they can visit that link ...and also view the photo.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting...!

  15. Hello all. I have a blog that reviews cozy mysteries and historical romance. I have a few other things mixed in but these are what I mainly review. Please feel free to check it out at http://bookschellves.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for checking me out.


    1. Hi Jenni,

      Thanks for sharing information about your blog. I have checked it out and it appears to be really interesting. In any case, I am sure that the readers and the visitors of my blog will appreciate your insight about the various books that you have reviewed :-)

      Ramla Zareen

    2. Hi Jenni
      I checked out your blog. It's looks interesting. Authors always need honest reviews, and readers appreciate them too. I hope you and Ramla will both visit my writer's blog to meet new authors every week. You may find someone you haven't read yet. Here's the link: http://evelyncullet.com/blog/
      Thanks and keep the good reviews coming.

  16. Hi Remla,

    Thanks for inviting me to be your friend on Goodreads, and to comment on your lovely blog. I write cozy mysteries with warm romance and a little humor. My novels are:
    Romancing a Mystery
    Love, Lies and Murder
    Masterpiece of Murder
    Once Upon a Crime
    I hope you'll visit my website to read more about them, and my writer's blog where you'll meet new authors and their novels every week at: http://evelyncullet.com/blog/. And please feel free to invite your friends. Perhaps they too will find a new novel they'd like to read.

    1. Hi Evelyn,

      It's a pleasure and an honour to have you comment here...! :-)

      Thanks for appreciating my blog ...and telling about your books...! They seem really interesting and I am looking forward to reading them soon :-)

      Thanks also for sharing information about your website and blog...! I will definitely visit soon :-)

      Ramla Zareen

  17. Hi Ramla,
    Thank you for the Goodreads message and invitation to comment on your great blog. I'm honored to introduce my new cozy series, Psycho Cat and the Landlady Mysteries.
    The first one, CATastrophic Connections, introduces Beth Stockwell, the Kansas City landlady, and Sylvester, nicknamed Psycho Cat. That large feline alerts Beth that her niece has disappeared from her rented condo. Beth rushes into action and discovers theft, murder, and creepy, dangerous bad guys.
    FURtive Investigation, the second book, finds Beth semi-retired and enjoying a winter vacation when Psycho Cat's discovery of a mummified body in the attic of one of her duplexes brings her back to Kansas City. Psycho Cat sniffs out more clues as Beth, with the help of former tenants and a friendly CSI agent, searches for the identities of the victim and the killer. Addiction, corruption, and murder make her investigation seriously scary.

    1. Hi Joyce, it's a pleasure and an honour to have you visit and comment here :-)

      Thanks for your appreciative words about my blog ...and for sharing information about your books...!

      They seem really interesting ...and I am looking forward to reading them soon :-)